Kite License

  • What is that?

    Eagle Kite is a recognized , licensed WWS kite school and is therefore entitled to issue you with a kite license or a certificate of competence after you have passed the test, which certifies your tested skill levels. This " WWS Kitesport License " is internationally valid, so it can also be used worldwide.

  • What does a license do for me?

    Kitesurfing licenses are required at many kitesurfing spots worldwide in order to practice kiting at this spot. Most kite schools and kite shops also require a license as proof of your skill level before lending you equipment. A license is therefore comparable to a driver's license for kitesurfing.

  • What do I have to do for it?

    After each kite course you have the opportunity to take part in the kite surfing test with us. Of course, this participation is not a must and can only be decided spontaneously after your kite course.