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Cabrinha 23 Cab Mantis-Wing

Cabrinha 23 Cab Mantis-Wing

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SIZES: 2m² / 2.5m² / 3m² / 3.5m² / 4m² / 4.5m² / 5m² / 6m² / 7m²

If there's one wing that helped shape and define the sport, it's the Mantis.

In its 3rd generation, the wing that set the benchmark for stability and stiffness has been further refined to maximize the true potential of WING FOILING.

The Mantis V3 is the cleanest and most efficient wing yet. The new convex strut provides a better balance of performance and stability. A refined airfoil section in the critical area of ​​the wing has helped increase the Mantis' low-end performance, further expanding its range of use.


High stiffness, LE Inflatable, low V shape with full performance profile, medium AR and convex strut.


  • NEW: Refined lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and responsive performance
  • High-strength Dacron for increased surface stability and improved handling properties
  • HD large diameter UHMPWE reinforced closing seam construction
  • Nano ripstop cap, the benchmark for durability, stability and responsiveness
  • NEW: Sprint 3.0
  • NEW: Durable TPU bumpers
  • NEW: Grips - Fully molded composite grips with large span
  • Hi-vis, weather resistant, low stretch TPU window
  • Load path panel layout
  • Highly reactive front grip
  • Highly rigid seams in the middle part
  • Lightweight TPU bellows
  • NEW: Finely tuned, size-progressive wingtip twist for forgiving flapping
  • NEW: Increased convex V-shape for a better power-to-stability ratio
  • NEW: Refined wing center section for more performance in the lower area
  • NEW: Convex strut for extra rigidity
  • NEW: Dump valve for quick deflating

(leash sold separately)

YouTube Video – 23 Cab Mantis

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