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ION Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood Front Zip 2023 - Women's Wetsuit

ION Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood Front Zip 2023 - Women's Wetsuit

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Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood Front Zip

The perfect combination of warmth & stretch

Ultimate stretch without compromising on warmth for those who want the feeling of unrestricted movement.
The Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood Front Zip features Max_Flex throughout the shoulders and arms. Freedom of movement is especially important in these areas, whether you're paddling for waves or needing to hold on to your bar or boom. The secret for optimal thermal performance lies in the super flexible Hot_Stuff 2.0 thermal lining from ION, which extends over the entire upper body, neck and head down to the legs. Supplemented with fluffy, warm Plasma_Plush 2.0 on the back, you won't let cold water spoil your session. In addition, the limestone neoprene used improves flexibility and thermal insulation thanks to its structure.


3°C - 8°C


  • Toasty Warm: Fast drying Plasma_Plush 2.0 combines with Hot_Stuff 2.0 for the best combination of warmth and stretch.
  • Epic Stretch: Ultimate freedom of movement thanks to fewer panels and our most flexible inside & outside lining.
  • Seam Sealing: A revised version of the high-stretch neoprene tape that protects every millimeter of seams in the lower body area and at stressed seams.


80% neoprene 20% nylon

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