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ION B2 2023 – Men's trapeze

ION B2 2023 – Men's trapeze

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Board short construction

The B2 combines board short style and function in a kite harness. The ergonomic leg loops, inspired by climbing harness technology, are designed to allow freedom of movement without pressure points. ION's slim Specter Bar (incl. kite hook) and C30 buckles complete the super light harness. The detachable Downforce_Loop helps distribute the forces optimally and prevents the B2 from riding up. The B2's C-Bar 2.0 is compatible with the Quicklock hook. Including Kite_Knife Multitool 2.0.


  • Specter Bar / Kite hook: ION's latest innovation in spreader bars with an incredible light weight and narrow profile. Including aluminum hook.
  • C_30_Buckle: Easy-to-use carbon buckles that are used to adjust the spreader bar strap and impress with their low weight.
  • Kite_knife 2.0 multitool: Multitool with Allen key and PH3 can be used for fins, foot straps or the modular hook system of the C_Bars.
  • HPL_Slider: Stainless steel ring on the handle pass leash ensures the safety leash slides back and forth smoothly.
  • Downforce: The downforce loop offers the option of holding the spreader bar down using a webbing deflection system, so that the bar is prevented from tipping up when the kite generates upward pull.


5% neoprene 55% polyester 40% nylon

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