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JP Australia Hybrid WE 2023 – SUP Hardboard

JP Australia Hybrid WE 2023 – SUP Hardboard

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SIZES: 10'8" x 31" / 11'6" x 32"

The subtle arc of displacement that transitions into a double concave bottom with soft, thin rails and a narrow tail offers a combination of good planing, stability and solid surfing characteristics. The hybrids feature a long, efficient waterline that offers excellent paddling feel on flat water, while the longboard-like tail makes for easy rail-to-rail transfers in the surf.
Take the hybrid on a tour or a downwind run and check out the waves on the way back. Bring your belongings under the bungee mounts and have a great day on the water.


  • Long, efficient waterline
  • Subtle displacement arc
  • Double concave bottom
  • Real all-rounder

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