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ION Monoshorty 2.0 2023 - Men's Wetsuit

ION Monoshorty 2.0 2023 - Men's Wetsuit

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Monoshorty 2.0

Transition Tec

The sleeveless ION neoprene collection is the perfect solution for transitional temperatures. Thin and quick-drying neoprene minimizes the wind chill factor, but still guarantees maximum flex and freedom of movement in the shoulder area. The suits offer optimal heat regulation for active riders.


23°C - 28°C


  • Hot_Stuff 2.0: Thanks to its coarse-meshed structure, the Hot_Stuff 2.0 Inside Lining is not only comfortable to wear, but also encloses a lot of air for thermal insulation. It is the most flexible Therme Lining in ION's range.
  • Silk_Stuff: Soft lining on the inside for a comfortable fit on the skin. Despite its delicate appearance, Silk_Stuff proves to be a real powerhouse when it comes to its excellent flexibility.


80% neoprene 20% nylon

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