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ION Rave 2023 – Men's Trapeze

ION Rave 2023 – Men's Trapeze

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softshell construction

The Rave is the next generation of wing foil harnesses. The Rave is a soft harness and features a fully pre-formed EVA shell that does not absorb water. The EVA padding inside ensures a very comfortable fit. The lightweight design features a sliding hook that can be slid aside when paddling out, making switch riding easier. It relieves the strained forearm muscles and thus enables even longer sessions. From now on, attach your leash directly to the harness and push the hook to the side while paddling. Thanks to the super-light weight of 700 g, you only feel the rave when it's there for you.


  • PVC Buckle: Standard PVC buckles for easy adjustments
  • HPL_Slider: Stainless steel ring on the handle pass leash ensures the safety leash slides back and forth smoothly.


25% neoprene 5% ethylene vinyl acetate 10% polyester 40% nylon 20% polyvinyl chloride

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