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ION Rush 2023 - Men's Trapeze

ION Rush 2023 - Men's Trapeze

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Impact protection with detachable wing harness

Innovation never stops at ION. With the new development of the Rush, wing foilers can now also benefit from the advantages of a vest with an integrated harness. The Rush combines the advantages of a vest and harness: protection and functionality. The vest is customizable and you can choose to attach or remove the harness for your session. The same applies to the protectors, the protective padding in the back and chest area can be removed as desired. The shoulder pads, on the other hand, let you carry your foil relaxed on your shoulder into the water. The Rush is your optimal all-in-one solution.


  • Neoprene_Strap: This new feature is designed to increase flex, twist and overall comfort for freestylers and waveriders.


80% neoprene 10% polypropylene 5% polyester 5% polyamide

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