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ION Sol Curv 2023 – Women's Trapeze

ION Sol Curv 2023 – Women's Trapeze

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Curv hard shell construction

ION's 3D Fit technology offers the perfect fit for every individual body size and shape. Your individual fit is made up of the back length and the waist circumference. For this reason, the Sol Curv is available in regular and intermediate sizes. The interchangeable Ergo_Pad on the inside offers optimal lumbar support in two profiles (each harness comes with two options - thinner and thicker pad - and you decide what suits you best). With a flex index of 11, the Sol Curv is one of the medium-hard harnesses in the ION range and thus offers a good balance between a direct riding feel, flexibility and support for the back muscles. The ultra-light Curv construction distributes the forces evenly in the harness. At the same time, it is flexible enough to ensure optimal freedom of movement. Non-water absorbent Hyer_Foam contributes to the overall ergonomic fit and light weight, while the Neoprene_Belt at the front provides flexibility. ION's slim Specter Bar (including kite hook) completes the Sol Curv, the Curv_Flaps ensure seamless and optimal power distribution over the entire harness. Comes with integrated Knite_Knife Multitool 2.0. The Sol Curv is the go-to harness of athletes like Mikaili Sol and Rita Arnaus.


  • 3D_Plus_Spine: Trapezes from Curv have a 3-dimensional version of the PLUS_Spine, which supports the lower back even better.
  • C_30_Buckle: Easy-to-use carbon buckles that are used to adjust the spreader bar strap and impress with their low weight.
  • Hyper_Foam: A visco-elastic foam enables an ergonomic fit without absorbing water.
  • Flex_Belt inside: The flexible belt ensures a comfortable fit and can be individually adjusted.
  • Kite_Knife 2.0 Multitool: Multitool with Allen key and PH3, can be used for fins and Foostraps.
  • HPL_Slider: Stainless steel ring on the handle pass leash ensures the safety leash slides back and forth smoothly.


15% neoprene 30% polypropylene 15% ethylene vinyl acetate 10% polyester 10% nylon 20% polyvinyl chloride

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