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Cabrinha Spade 2022 - Surfboard Kiteboard

Cabrinha Spade 2022 - Surfboard Kiteboard

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5´3"x 18.5"x 2"x 21L
5´7"x 19"x 2.2"x 24.9L
5´11" x 19.5" x 2.3" x 28.3L (NEW size!)

The new version of the Spade has been revised in a few points: its narrower shape ensures more contact between the rails and the water, which makes it much easier to load the edge before bottom turns or jumps. The bottom channel along the tail increases both speed and lift. With the 5th fin box, the Spade can be ridden with both a quad and a thruster setup.

In a few words: An all-round surfboard that is always and everywhere fun - from big to small waves to strapless freestyle.


Medium width, rounded outline, quad or thruster fin setup


Perfect for rail to rail surfing, jumps and tricks


  • Optimized, narrower outline for even more drive
  • 5 fin configuration for quad or thruster setup
  • Tail channels improve grip and turning
  • Ideal for top bottom surfing
  • Tight turns in the wave
  • Excellent for jumps and tricks

Included in the set:
Rear Deckpad (NOTE: 2 Ultralite straps and mounting hardware and fins sold separately. Use self-tapping screws only)

Design: Pete Cabrinha

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