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Cabrinha Stylus 2022 – Twin tip kiteboard

Cabrinha Stylus 2022 – Twin tip kiteboard

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SIZES: 150 X 45 / 160 X 47.5

Our high-performance light wind weapon, which extracts all the power and speed from even the weakest breeze - for maximum time on the water. Thanks to its well thought-out design including an offset binding position, the Stylus offers extra edge hold and board control. Tip: Try the combination of Stylus and Contra (our special light wind kite) - and your opinion about "too little wind" will quickly change.


Low rocker and high speed construction ideal for light wind sessions


  • Excellent light wind performance
  • Versatile area of ​​application
  • Excellent upwind properties
  • Offset binding position (closer to heel edge)
  • Asymmetrical stance for more edge hold, control and faster planing in light winds
  • Rail channels for even more grip
  • UD basalt to support lightwind rocker for early planing

Included in the set:
4 x 50mm fins, 4 x washers, 10 x M6 x 16mm screws, handle

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