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Cabrinha Tronic 2022 – Twin tip kiteboard

Cabrinha Tronic 2022 – Twin tip kiteboard

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SIZES: 137x41 / 141x42

Fun at every session? Guaranteed with the Tronic! A very special twin tip that is super easy to ride and also shines in waves - including edge-loaded carving turns and lots of spray. The concept behind it: Based on a twin tip, the Tronic's outline and rocker have been specially adapted to rough, choppy conditions. It glides effortlessly through the chop and enables fast, powerful and controlled turns.


Rounded outline and narrow tips - ideal for choppy conditions


  • Powerful carving performance
  • Buttery turns
  • Flexible construction for comfort in all conditions
  • Excellent upwind ability
  • Maximum edge control for jumps
  • Outline with narrow tips for a soft ride and carving turns
  • Quad concave tapering towards V-tips for easy edge switching and controlled grip

Included in the set:
4 x 50mm fins, 4 x washers, 10 x m6 x 16mm screws, handle

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