Cabrinha Ultralight Strap X2 ... €89,00
ULTRALIGHT STRAP Surf Although the Ultralight straps provide minimal foot coverage, they provide maximum board control. A lightweight, comfortable design that provides reliable support and a direct feel for both surfing, foiling and racing. The fixed, unadjustable loop system guarantees optimal fit and stability
Cabrinha 22 Cab. Waist Leash –... €59,00
WING WAIST LEASH ACCESSORY GRÖSSEN: Small (25-30") / Medium (30-35") / Large (35-40") / X-Large (40-45) For some drivers, the feeling of having something on their wrist limits their freedom. The Cabrinha Wing Waist Leash provides these riders with the perfect place to securely attach themselves to their wing while keeping their hands free.The additional safety tab on the waist leash ensures that you cannot accidentally come loose while riding or getting back on the board and eliminates the need for hard buckles that could injure you or your equipment. SIZES  Size Waist Inches Small 25-30 Medium 30-35 Large 35-40 X-Large 40-45
-31% sale
Cabrinha 23 Cab Mantis Apex – ... from €1.242,00 €1.779,00
MANTIS APEX HIGH PERFORMANCE SIZES: 4m² / 5m² / 6m²The Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. The umbrella not only shows amazing performance in the waves and on the sea, but has also proven itself on the race track or on lakes and flat water areas.The Mantis Apex Series takes performance to a whole new level with the introduction of Ultra HP frame material. Aside from a 22% weight saving in frame material, the big advantage is the ability to sustain higher pressures, allowing us to reduce LE diameter while maintaining stiffness. This results in a slimmer profile and a more powerful product.
-31% sale
Cabrinha 23 Cab Vision – Wing from €558,00 €799,00
VISION FREERIDE GRÖSSEN: 2m² / 2,5m² / 3m² / 3,5m² / 4m² / 4,5m² / 5m² / 6m² / 7m² / 8m²Vision is a word that can have multiple meanings. One could say it refers to the increased visibility built into this new wing through the strategic placement of windows, or its new contours, or it could mean the act of foresight to see where this incredible one is headed Sport, and to create a product for the next generation of wing foilers. Whichever way you look at it, the new Cabrinha Vision is the next generation from the Cab Design Works team.
Cabrinha 24 Moto_X Apex only –... from €1.799,00
MOTO X APEX PERFORMANCE FREERIDE/CROSSOVER SIZES:7 / 9 / 10 / 12 Apex Series: Cabrinha’s highest and most successful design in terms of performance and durability. As the top product in this class, the Moto X Apex exceeds all expectations and sets new standards in its industry.  The Moto X is a kite that can be flown anywhere and by anyone. A kite that allows you to choose how you want to kite. A kite that will take you to the next level of riding. What else can be optimized on this extraordinary kite? Exactly, you treat him to the Apex treatment. With a lighter feel and even more playful handling, the Moto X Apex is a testament to all the superior properties of the premium materials. The use of Ultra HT material in the frame construction promotes stability and makes the kite easier to control. When you combine these features with the new Apex Aero Bridle Line and the new ultralight bladders, the MotoX Apex becomes the lightest 3-strut kite in the Cabrinha collection to date. The Moto
Cabrinha 24 Moto_XL Apex only ... from €2.099,00
MOTO XL APEX PERFORMANCE LIGHT WIND / CROSSOVER SIZES:13 / 15 / 17 Limits have always been the biggest challenge for every kite designer. Either you build a powerful kite and sacrifice maneuverability and playfulness, or you make a light kite but lose the low-end power that is supposed to get you up and going. Based on the very successful Moto X platform and a new material mix used in the Apex series, kite designer Pat Goodman has managed to create the perfect mix of power and fun.  The lightweight Ultra HT material and new, lighter bladders reduce weight and promote the fun, lively feel of the kite. The MotoXL Apex is the kite you need in your light wind quiver. It's the ultimate session saver and will have you rising out of the water with a joy that tells everyone how much fun you just had.
Cabrinha Cab Logic 2024 – Kite... €1.179,00
LOGIC KITE FOILING SIZES: 3'7" X 18" X 2" -17L / 4'3" X 18.5" X 2" - 22L Kite foiling opens up a whole new dimension of wind sports and allows you to push the boundaries of what was ever thought possible. The brand new Logic is a further development of the previous model with a completely new outline and a new bottom shape. The adaptive strap attachment under the forefoot opens up endless possibilities for different riding styles.  The new carbon construction allows us to reduce weight while increasing stiffness. This makes the Logic our best kitefoil board. Recreational kiters, as well as riders who reach the podium at Big Air World events, will find the right board for all conditions with the Logic.
-36% sale
Cabrinha Fusion DA Complete Fo... €744,00 €1.149,00
FUSION DA COMPLETE FOIL FREERIDE FOIL DA850 DAS335 The Fusion system brings usability and accessibility to the forefront of design. Building on the incredibly successful original Double Agent foil, the Cabrinha design team has redesigned this industry classic and made it even easier to get started in the sport of foiling with this extremely maneuverable and forgiving foil. With its blend of full carbon fiber and EPS core, low aspect ratio wings and an extruded aluminum hull with heli-coils, the DA850 allows for a slower planing speed that helps get you on the foil early and has a stable and predictable feel. Combined with the ultra-stiff Cab Fusion hybrid mast, the DA850 is the ideal foil for all kite activities and provides the perfect basis to adapt the set-up for different sports with the X-Series wings.
Cabrinha Cab H-Series Cuttable... €449,00
H-Series Cuttable Tail/Fus HIGH ASPECT HS180 The H180 High Aspect Stabilizer has been seamlessly integrated into the fuselage as a single component to combine exceptional efficiency and rigidity. This gives you complete control over all radii of your turns and has been precisely tuned for use with all H-Series and X-Series wings.
Cabrinha 24 Foil Kit Wing X-Se... from €1.269,00
FUSION X-SERIES KITS FREERIDE SIZES: X700 / X930 / X1240 / X1650 / 2100 With the introduction of the X-Series wings, we have taken Cabrinha's foil program to a whole new level. By working with SINTEF and the Norwegian University, we were able to fully analyze and simulate the performance of hydrofoils in the largest cavitation tank in the world. On this basis, we were able to further develop the X-Series into the industry's leading all-round hydrofoil. The refined tip shape and profile makes it possible to release the tips and still be ready to carve into the next turn. The Fusion X-Series kits come with everything you need, all you have to do is add the mast of your choice. (masts are sold separately)
Cabrinha 24 Cab Stylus – Twint... €749,00
STYLUS LIGHTWIND / FREERIDE SIZES: 150 x 45 / 160 x 47.5The Stylus has redefined kiteboarding in lighter winds. What really impresses is its top-end performance. The stiff flex and lightweight Paulownia core ensure optimal efficiency when gliding in light winds and allow you to get airborne even in less than perfect wind conditions. The Stylus is no light wind "door" and you'll appreciate its feature-rich design long after the wind picks up. Its light wind rockers will have you gliding while others watch and think from the beach.
Cabrinha 24 Deluxe High Pressu... €72,00
CABRINHA HIGH PRESSURE KITE PUMP ACCESSORY For times when a normal pump is not enough, we present the new Pump HP. A slim profile and new Cabrinha Pump Fast handles help you get your inflatable to higher pressure faster and easier than ever before.


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