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Cabrinha Alloy Mast 2022 – Kite... from €115,27 €210,00
FUSION ALLOY MAST FOIL – Only Mast 40cm 70cm 90cm The Fusion Alloy mast is constructed from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, resulting in an incredibly rigid and hydrodynamic structure. Helicoil inserts prevent salt water corrosion at the screw connection points. The mast integrates seamlessly into all 9cm industry standard foil boxes. Only the mast in the first picture is sold here. The other pictures are for illustration purposes only!!!
FOIL TREK TAPER LOCK COMPLETE Version 1 GRÖSSEN: 1000cm² / 1300cm² / 1600cm² / 2000cm² Foilen ist das nächste große Abenteuer der Welt, und die Trek Hydrofoil-Serie wird dich auf dem Weg in die Freiheit des Foilens ein ganzes Stück voranbringen. Der sanfte Auftrieb aktiviert das Foil intuitiv und bleibt dabei unglaublich stabil, egal ob du mit hoher Geschwindigkeit unterwegs bist oder durch die Kurven jagst.
AK FOIL MAST ALU V4 2024 – Kite... from €115,00
FOIL MAST ALU Version 4 Der stabile Aluminiummast ist in 5 Größen erhältlich:50cm / 60cm / 70cm / 80cm / 95cm.
-36% sale
Cabrinha Fusion DA Complete Foi... €744,00 €1.149,00
FUSION DA COMPLETE FOIL FREERIDE FOIL DA850 DAS335 The Fusion system brings usability and accessibility to the forefront of design. Building on the incredibly successful original Double Agent foil, the Cabrinha design team has redesigned this industry classic and made it even easier to get started in the sport of foiling with this extremely maneuverable and forgiving foil. With its blend of full carbon fiber and EPS core, low aspect ratio wings and an extruded aluminum hull with heli-coils, the DA850 allows for a slower planing speed that helps get you on the foil early and has a stable and predictable feel. Combined with the ultra-stiff Cab Fusion hybrid mast, the DA850 is the ideal foil for all kite activities and provides the perfect basis to adapt the set-up for different sports with the X-Series wings.
Cabrinha Cab H-Series Cuttable ... €449,00
H-Series Cuttable Tail/Fus HIGH ASPECT HS180 The H180 High Aspect Stabilizer has been seamlessly integrated into the fuselage as a single component to combine exceptional efficiency and rigidity. This gives you complete control over all radii of your turns and has been precisely tuned for use with all H-Series and X-Series wings.
Cabrinha 24 Foil Kit Wing X-Ser... from €1.299,00
FUSION X-SERIES KITS FREERIDE SIZES: X700 / X930 / X1240 / X1650 / 2100 With the introduction of the X-Series wings, we have taken Cabrinha's foil program to a whole new level. By working with SINTEF and the Norwegian University, we were able to fully analyze and simulate the performance of hydrofoils in the largest cavitation tank in the world. On this basis, we were able to further develop the X-Series into the industry's leading all-round hydrofoil. The refined tip shape and profile makes it possible to release the tips and still be ready to carve into the next turn. The Fusion X-Series kits come with everything you need, all you have to do is add the mast of your choice. (masts are sold separately)
Cabrinha 24 Cab Fusion Fuselage... from €169,00
FUSION ALLOY FUSELAGE MKII HOLLOW HIGH PERFORMANCE - DURABILITY SIZES: (S)276MM / (M)346MM / (L)416MM One of the smallest but most important parts of the foil system is the fuselage. The fuselage is often overlooked, but it allows you to tailor your setup not only to the conditions but also to the sport you are playing.The new Hollow Fuselage has the same rigidity as the previous version but is lighter, allowing for greater range and faster takeoff and control.
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Cabrinha X-Series Front Wing 20... from €350,75 €639,00
FUSION X:SERIES (WING ONLY) FREERIDE FOIL X1950 X1600 X1300 X950 The world of water sports has been characterized by hybrid and crossover technologies for years. The most innovations were definitely in the area of ​​hydrofoiling, which quickly established itself as a common denominator for all surfing and wind sports. That's why today nothing works without a hydro wing set that is at home in a wide variety of disciplines and performs effortlessly everywhere. Like the X-Series™ wings from Cabrinha, whose design is aimed at serving and fully exploiting all variants of foiling. The high performance and smooth driving feeling of the X-Series is built on three pillars: lift, efficiency and control. By combining outlines and wing profiles, the X-Series Wings offer consistent lift, stable air level, precise turning characteristics and perfect controllability. The efficiency of the The result: increased strength and reduced resistance - a completely new class of hydrofoils, so to speak. In order to cover the largest possible range of riders (body weight, etc.) and areas of use, we offer the X-Series in 4 sizes. This means you can always rely on the performance of your foil setup, across a wide range of disciplines. ONLY THE WING IN THE FIRST PICTURES IS SOLD HERE: THE OTHER PICTURES ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY!!!
-46% sale
Cabrinha H-Series Rear Stabiliz... €219,01 €399,00
FUSION H TAIL STABILISER (STABILIZER ONLY) HIGH ASPECT FOIL HS180 As a seamlessly formed individual component for the fuselage, the HS180 high-aspect stabilizer offers unique efficiency and stability. Precisely tailored to all H- and X-Series wings, it guarantees perfect control at a wide range of rotation angles. ONLY THE STABILIZER IN THE FIRST PICTURE IS SOLD HERE: THE OTHER PICTURES ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY!!!
-46% sale
Cabrinha Carbon Mast 2022 – Kit... from €509,93 €929,00
FUSION CARBON MAST FOIL / LIGHTWEIGHT – Only Mast 70cm 80 cm The Fusion Carbon mast puts performance above all else. The prepreg full carbon construction provides insane stiffness in a lightweight package. The mast integrates seamlessly into all 9cm industry standard foil boxes. ONLY THE MAST IN THE FIRST PICTURE IS SOLD HERE: THE OTHER PICTURES ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY!!!
Cabrinha 24 Cab V-Series Stab –... from €249,00
FUSION V-SERIES TAIL STABILIZERS HIGH ASPECT SIZES: 180 / 230 / 285 One of the biggest impacts on a foil's performance is the stabilizers. In a sport that is so diverse in its characteristics and riding styles, you need the right product to get the maximum performance from your system. Introducing the new V-Series stabilizers. V is for versatility, and the modular Fusion system lets you customize your ride. Add a V-Series Stabilizer to one of the Cabrinha Fusion Foils and get ready for the next step in performance and usability.

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