Airush AR24 Ride Bar V2 COMPLET... €499,00
AR24 Ride Bar V2 COMPLETE ULTIMATIVE FREERIDE Version 2 SIZES: 50cm / 60cm LEAD LENGTH:Front: 9 + 14mRear: 9 + 14m Simplicity without compromising quality – the Ride Bar is the ideal companion. An easy-to-use, reliable Aero Cleat Depower System with a tool-free position adjustment allows for quick and easy bar setup for shorter reach riders. The durable EVA-injected bar-end floats are flexible and provide better kite responsiveness and increased buoyancy. The 24m flying lines, ISO 21853 compliant Airush IQR and one-handed release and reset system comply with IKO and BKSA teaching standards, with the Low-Y attached to the center lines allowing the lines to be deployed quickly.
Airush AR24 TEAM BAR V2 COMPLET... €699,00
AR24 TEAM BAR V2 COMPLETE TEAM SERIES Version 2 SIZES: 45cm / 50cm / 60cm LEAD LENGTH:Front: 9m + 6m + 4m + 2m + 2mHinten: 9m + 6m + 4m + 2m + 2m A team-developed 4-line bar optimized for the advanced freestyle and looping enthusiast. With adjustable, multi-extended, heavy-duty front and rear lines, the Team Bar is packed with the features you want to suit your preferences. The Team Bar is compatible with the Razor as a 5-line bar.
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Cabrinha Modular Slider Line – ... €18,90 €27,00
Cabrinha 24 C.O.S. Overdrive Qu... €699,00
CABRINHA OPERATING SYSTEM ADJUSTABILITY, CUSTOMIZATION & SIMPLICITY SIZES: S/M (42-50) / M/L (47-55) The most important piece of equipment in kiteboarding is the control system. A system that you can not only rely on for your safety and well-being, but also provides the direct connection between you and the elements.A lot of work goes into the kite design. The Cab Design Works team works countless hours tuning and modifying the kite to make it the best performing product on the market. To get the most out of it all, you need a control system that gives you a direct connection to the kite. This connection needs to be intuitive and seamless so you can focus on having the most fun in the elements. We introduce the COS.The goal when developing the COS was to make it so easy to use that the rider can concentrate on his next jump or wave.It's the most feature-rich control system yet, but so easy and intuitive to use that anyone can feel the benefits. This product is ISO compliant.  
Flysurfer RACE Control Bar – Ki... €519,00
RACE CONTROL BAR HYDROFOIL, RACE SIZES: [M] 55cm The RACE Control Bar: smooth-running, functional, compact. The perfectly balanced unity between ergonomics and rigidity impresses with the highest quality of materials. The fastest, most precise trimming ever - without compromising durability or resilience. The cockpit of the winners. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS RACE CONTROL BAR [M] Bar Width 55 cm Depower Travel 60 cm  
Flysurfer INFINITY XX Control B... €529,00
INFINITY XX CONTROL BAR FREERIDE, AIRSTYLE SIZES: [M] 50cm, [L] 60cm The FLYSURFER Control Bar System with automatic unscrewing function in a reduced look. The INFINITY XX transmits your every movement to the kite with high precision! Thanks to the direct and smooth power transmission, an unmistakably sporty driving experience is created. For all riders who want to get even more reactivity from their kite. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS INFINITY XX CONTROL BAR [M] [L] Bar Width 43 - 50 cm 53 - 60 cm Depower Travel 52 cm 52 cm Line lengths 17+3 m 17+3 m   RECOMMENDATION KITE SIZES INFINITY XX Control Bar [M] [L] Foil Kite Sizes * 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 15 (15) / 18 / 21 L.E.I Kite Sizes 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 15 (15) / 18 * not recommended with PEAK4 & VIRON3
Flysurfer FORCE 2 Control Bar –... €589,00
FORCE2 CONTROL BAR WAVE, FREESTYLE, PROGRESSION SIZES: [S] 48cm, [M] 55cm, [L] 63cm Adapt the FORCE Control Bar to your personal needs! Trust in a clearly designed system equipped with high-quality materials. Best protected and reliable in the most adverse weather conditions, we set a new standard in functionality and durability. Trust in German Engineering. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FORCE2 [S] [M] [L] Bar Width 40 – 48 cm 47 – 55 cm 55 – 63 cm Depower Travel adjustable adjustable adjustable   RECOMMENDED KITE SIZES Control Bar Sizes [S] [M] [L] Foil Kite Sizes * 6 / 8 6 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 15 (15) / 18 / 21 L.E.I Kite Sizes 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 15 (15) / 18 * not recommended for PEAK, VIRON & VMG  
Flysurfer CONNECT 2 Control Bar... €449,00
CONNECT2 CONTROL BAR FREERIDE, TOURING, PROGRESSION SIZES: [M] 50cm Get ready for your biggest adventure and trust our CONNECT Control Bar! Enjoy unique multifunctionality. Switch between a Frontline Safety or the B-Safe 5-line system in just a few simple steps and fly your kites on 14 m or 21 m flying lines. The lightweight control bar guarantees optimal grip, smooth steering and maximum safety during your session. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CONNECT2 CONTROL BAR [M] Bar Width 50 cm Depower Travel 45 cm Line lengths 14+7 m We recommend the CONNECT Control Bar for the PEAK and VIRON product lines.

Depending on the kite size, you may need a different bar size or line length.

If you would like to expand your kitesurfing set and have any questions when selecting your kite bars, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail.


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