JP Australia R-Winger 2024 – Wi... from €1.899,00
R-Winger RELEASE, RISE, RACE!  SIZES: 21" – 65L / 22" – 80L / 23" – 95L Introducing our brand new 2024 R-Winger Range! It is the natural development and adaptation to the specific requirements of wingfoiling in light winds or with small foils.  Given the rapid development of foiling, we have decided to take a new step. With the development of the R-Winger we responded to the observation that during the take-off, the advantages of the long and narrow downwind SUP foil boards are obvious, but the pleasure of the actual wing foiling immediately afterwards is impaired. To address this problem and improve the overall wingfoiling experience, we have developed a complete line of narrower and longer wingboards - the R-Winger. The entire product range is designed to achieve a high ground speed for fast take-offs and even faster landings.
Cabrinha 24 Cab Code Wing Board... from €1.799,00
CODE V2 WING FOILING GRÖSSEN: 4'8" x 23.5" x 4.2" x 60L / 4'11" x 23.5" x 4.6" x 72L / 5'2" x 24.25" x 5.3" x 86L / 5'5" x 24.5" x 5.5" x 100L / 5'8" x 26.5" x 5.6" x 114L / 5'11" x 29.5" x 5.75" x 130LThe sport of wingsurfing is evolving at an exceptional pace and the development of the Code Version 2 highlights some important areas of improvement designed to simplify wingsurfing in some key areas. The overall shape has been changed with a revised nose design and a pronounced keel that improves stability and early launch. Its short, compact design with plenty of volume allows you to ride a shorter board than before. Lightweight EPS, durable bamboo and UD carbon stringer construction gives you the confidence to take to the skies while providing precise, positive control of the board when you put it on the rail. The Code is the most versatile and powerful board in the range.
AK PHAZER V4 2024 – Kite-Foil B... from €1.039,00
PHAZER Version 4 Active Carbon:The Phazer Foilboard is an ultra-versatile performance foilboard designed to maximize your time on the water - from surfing to pumping to all-round kitefoil cruising and progressive winging. The perfect companion for foiling at any level, each size is optimized to suit a wide range of users across all levels, with a consistent feel underfoot making it easier to increase or decrease size. Duratech:Available in 5'10" and 6'2" sizes, the Duratech Phazer Foilboard provides a stable platform for light wind winging or heavier riders. The harder release edges, the stepped rail and the flatter rocker get the Phazer gliding early. The wide tail creates a stable platform when light wind gliding or subplaning and the deep step in the tail reduces tangling when pumping.
AK COMPACT V3 2024 – Wingboard from €1.379,00
COMPACT WINGBOARD Version 3 SIZES: 4'2" / 4'4" / 4'6" / 4'8"  / 4'10" / 5'2" The Compact Wingboard has been completely optimized for wingsurfing with its compact volume and low swing weight. Perfect for intermediate to advanced wing riders in lighter conditions. The stable platform and compact volume ensure a board that is easy to move during jumping and progressive maneuvers. The high apex rail gives the feel of a narrow board, with the extra width providing stability when off the ground.
JP Australia X-Winger 2024 – Wi... from €1.299,00
X-WINGER THE COMPACT WING FOILING MACHINE SIZES: 25" – 88L / 26" – 99L / 27" – 111L / 28" – 122L / 29" – 133L / 30" – 144L Compared to our first X-Winger models, the new shapes are slightly longer and narrower. In addition, the nose rocker has become flatter to enable a harmonious transition into the flight phase and easy take-off. The defined edges help the submarine surface to be converted directly and effectively into lift and, in the event of any touch downs, to be immediately transported back into the flight phase without loss of speed. The outline in the bow area has been made slimmer to reduce the board's swing weight and improve aerodynamics. The bow area was slightly thicker to compensate for the loss of volume in the bow area. The concave stance area reduces the distance to the foil and therefore offers very direct driving behavior. The stern area was provided with additional rocker so that the bow area has more distance to the water surface. This allows you to generate more pop and therefore additional height when jumping. This feature also prevents unwanted contact with the water surface. New cut-outs in the tail area reduce the tail volume and make pumping movements easier when gliding in order to generate sufficient lift over the foil. The cut outs also reduce resistance in the event of unwanted touch-downs.Long boxes with continuous PU foam blocks that connect the deck to the submarine ensure an extremely stable construction and enable a large tuning area. The boards are equipped with a PVC sandwich panel in the deck and underbody and, in conjunction with Innegra edge reinforcements, offer a perfect ratio of rigidity and low weight. The boards are manufactured in our ultimate Pro technology to ensure the lightest weight possible.
JP Australia S-Winger 2024 – Wi... €1.699,00
S-WINGER The “S” stands for “Surf” SIZES: 20" – 33L / 21" – 44L S-Winger aka Soul Surfer! This board line was developed for wing foiling in waves and in strong wind conditions, for pure prone and tow foiling. Low weight, angular rails and tucked tails and noses make these boards shine in tight curve radii and offer an extremely responsive connection to the foil. The soft rocker line ensures easy take-offs and forgiving touchdowns.Long tracks with full deck-to-bottom foam blocks ensure an extremely strong board-foil connection as well as a large tuning range. A complete deck and bottom PVC sandwich construction with Innegra Rails and brushed paint provides the ultimate stiffness to weight ratio. The advanced technical design features and attention to detail in construction create an incredible combination for all types of wave foiling.
JP Australia F-Winger 2024 – Wi... €1.799,00
F-Winger The “F” stands for “Free” SIZES: 22" – 55L / 23" – 66L / 24" – 77L Freestyle and freeride. As free as you can be... whether you're into crazy freestyle moves or just flying freely over the water, this board has you covered. Compared to our first X-Winger models, these new shapes have a slightly longer yet narrower outline and gentler rocker lines to enable early take-off. The nose outline is drawn inwards to reduce the board's swing weight and improve flotation. To compensate for the reduced volume of the retracted nose outline, we gave the board a little more height in this area. The slightly concave standing area offers a direct feel for the foil. The new bottom tail rocker line has been angled slightly upwards so that the nose is slightly higher when foiling. This is essential and gives more room to create more pop when jumping, for example, or to prevent the board from getting caught in chop or diving in hard upwinds. Long tracks with continuous deck-to-bottom foam blocks ensure an extremely strong board-foil connection as well as a large tuning area. A full PVC sandwich construction with Innegra rails and brushed finish provides the ultimate strength to weight ratio. The advanced technical design features and attention to detail in construction create an incredible combination for all types of freeride foiling.
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Cabrinha X:Fly 2022 – Wingboard €1.042,36 €1.899,00
X:FLY HYDROFOIL SUP / WINGING 6'2'' x 28'' x 4.7'' x 111.1L 6'10'' x 30'' x 4.7'' x 131L 7'6'' x 32'' x 4.7'' x 153.5L As a multi-use board, the X:Fly is suitable for both wingsurfing and stand-up paddling. Thanks to its volume-to-length ratio, it combines high performance with super easy handling. In combination with a wing, e.g. B. the Cabrinha Crosswing, the X:Fly's width and special bottom shape make it the perfect basis for getting started flying quickly. The bottom rocker and kicktail make pumping easier in low winds, while the single bottom channel always aligns the foil perfectly parallel and thus ensures smooth, orderly handling. Featuring a standard 9cm rail mast mounting system, the Cross Fly is compatible with Cabrinha's entire new Fusion performance hydrofoil range. The large EVA deck pad guarantees a good grip throughout the entire standing area. Design: Pete Cabrinha
Cabrinha 24 Cab Macro Air – Win... from €999,00
MACRO AIR WING FOILING GRÖSSEN: 4'7" x 24" x 4.8" - 80L / 5'3" x 28" x 4.8" - 110L / 5'9" x 32" x 4.8" - 140L / 6"4" x 35" x 4.8" - 170L One of the most attractive things about wingsurfing is the freedom. The freedom to ride how you want, the freedom to ride what you want and the freedom to ride where you want.The Macro Air supports the latter by offering a premium wingsurf board in a compact, inflatable package that fits in any car trunk or can be taken on any train.By using the exclusive Synthesis Foil Mount that connects the upper and lower board shells, we have created the most responsive and powerful board in this market segment. Thanks to the foil plate, which allows the rider to get direct input from their back foot through the mast, as opposed to the threads or rails of a normal dropstitch board, turning input and trim are unparalleled in the inflatable realm.  
Cabrinha 24 Cab Link – Wingboard €1.279,00
LINK WING FOILING GRÖSSEN: 4'3" x 20" x 3.6" - 37L / 4'5" x 20.5" x 3.9" - 44L / 4'7" x 21" x  4.2" - 51L The boundaries of wingsurfing are constantly being redefined. It was once thought that a sinker board was almost impossible to ride, but with the right design the gates open to a whole new side of the sport.Introducing the Link, a specially designed board that not only allows entry into the world of sinker wingsurf boards, but also takes high-level riding and freestyle riding to a new level through the various volume options.
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Cabrinha Autopilot 2022 – Kite-... €658,13 €1.199,00
AUTOPILOT FREESTYLE SURF / KITE FOIL 4'6'' x 20.8'' x 2.9'' x 36L 4'10" x 21.1 x 3" x 40.6L 5'2" x 21.8" x 3" x 45.1L5'6" x 22" x 3" x 48.5L The autopilot impresses in all conditions in a wide variety of foil disciplines. The concave deck provides maximum support for your feet while foiling. The higher volume means you can easily paddle towards the waves. The Autopilot's special convex, water-displacing bottom shape makes paddling easier and keeps the surface dry. The round kick tail fulfills two important tasks: On the one hand, it enables smooth turns close to the water surface without getting stuck. On the other hand, the angle of the kick tail helps pop the board in the air and prevents it from touching the water when pumping. The standard 9cm rail mast mounting system makes the autopilot compatible with Cabrinha's entire new Fusion performance foil range. Its versatility - as a surfboard, wing surfboard or kite foilboard - definitely makes the Autopilot one of the most versatile hydrofoil boards on the market. Design: Pete Cabrinha
Cabrinha 24 Cab Code Wing Board... from €1.549,00
CODE V3 CODE WING FOILING GRÖSSEN: 4'8" X 23" X 4" X 60L / 4'11" X 24" X 4,4" X 72L / 5'2" X 24,5" X 4,6" X 86L / 5'5" X 26,7" X 4,9" X 100L / 5'8" X 28" X 5" X114L / 5'11" X 29" X 5,3" X 130L / 6'2" X 30,5" X 6" X 160L Like a fine wine, things get better with time, and the development of the code board is a prime example of this.  As the foils and wings evolve, the code has also been refined to meet the facets of this rapidly growing sport. With the increased airflow across the range and the introduction of the recessed deck, the new Code offers the perfect blend of buoyancy, stability and launch performance. The new smooth line base profile and retracted kick tail also contribute to efficiency and help you get on the wing quickly. The design profile also helps you recover quickly from touchdowns.  The Code remains the most versatile board in the Cabrinha series, offering an incredible base no matter what level you are.

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