ION Wing Boardbag Core 2024 – W... from $100.00
WING BOARDBAG CORE Single board bag, sustainable materials SIZES: 4'6"x21.0" / 4'9"x23.0" / 5'3"x26.0" / 5'5"x27.0" / 6'0"x30.0" / 6'11 "x30.0" Do you want to travel light? The Wing Boardbag Core is your minimalist travel companion that takes good care of your boards during the car ride to the beach. The robust, 100% recycled outer material and the 5mm thick padding all around reliably protect your boards from dings and scratches and also keep wax away from your car seats. Bright PE on the bottom of the bag reflects sunlight and ensures a cool climate inside.
ION Slash Core Helmet 2024 – Helm $72.00
SLASH CORE HELM Multi-impact hardshell construction The 360° fit system guarantees immediate, precise and pleasant wearing comfort straight out of the box. While conventional helmets can only be adjusted in the rear area, the headband of the Slash Core runs around the entire head, taking into account the rider's full circumference and individual head shape instead of simply pressing it against the forehead. 360° Fit ensures greater comfort, minimizes helmet slipping while riding and better distributes pressure in the event of an impact. The adjustability of the headband expands the size range and you only have to choose between 2 sizes.
ION NeoKini 1.5 2024 – women's ... $67.00
NeoKini 1.5 Neoprene bikini Bikini vibes even as conditions get harsher. The Neokini fits securely and offers you exactly the comfort you need during your session.
-30% sale
ION NeoKini 1.5 2024 – Damen Ne... from $43.00 $61.00
NeoKini 1.5 Wetsuits Bikini vibes, even when conditions get harsher. The Neokini fits securely and offers you exactly the comfort you need during your session.
ION Changing Mat / Wetbag 2024 ... $39.00
CHANGING MAT / WETBAG Robust & versatile Who doesn't know the feeling after the session? Sand everywhere! To remedy this, we have the Changing Mat / Wetbag for you. You can easily change clothes on it without getting your feet or your wet wetsuit dirty. Thanks to the closure system, you can then easily pack your wet things in it.
ION Beach Hat 2024 – hat $45.00
BEACH HAT UV protection, quick-drying The Beach Hat is your perfect companion for sunny and hot sessions. This will keep you cool and protect you from the sun at the same time. Thanks to the chin strap, everything stays in place even during the wildest session.
ION Wing/SUP Leash Core Coiled ... $89.00
WING / SUP LEASH CORE COILED HIP 8-10" long, sturdy with strap closure Available in two sizes, the hip belt fits every body shape, does not slip and offers a very comfortable fit. With the 7mm cord diameter (standard diameter for wave leashes), it is designed for waves, but not explicitly developed for big wave riding. The hip belt can be retrofitted and is also available separately.
ION Gearbag Core 2024 – Kite-| ... from $189.00
GEARBAG CORE Up to 2 boards & 4 kites, sustainable materials Lightweight, compact and robust storage space for all your kite equipment. The outer material of the Gearbag Core is made from 100% recycled polyester and is the ideal choice for riders who want to have all their equipment with them on every trip.The lightweight construction and heavy-duty wheels ensure that you can effortlessly roll from A to B with the Gearbag CORE. There's also a super handy little tool bag built in so you don't have to spend your time searching for the parts you need for your setup - go grab a beer or take a nap!
ION Ballistic Toes 2.0 External... $106.00
BALLISTIC TOES NEOPRENSCHUHE 2.0 EXTERNAL SPLIT Warmth, comfort & protective sole The Ballistic Shoes are the right choice if you are looking for the best combination of warmth and protection in cooler conditions. As part of ION's premium footwear line, they feature innovative details such as a Pull_Loop, a fixed lacing and Max_Flex on the outside. These shoes keep your feet warm and protect you from sharp stones, sharp shells and other dangers on the bottom. The Ballistics give you support and flexibility in the crucial areas and offer an incredible board feel despite the 2.5mm thick rubber and neoprene layers, while the robust Kevlar sole lets you step on anything that comes your way without worry. The boots have a division between the big toe and the remaining toes.  
ION Hood Neo 3/2 unisex 2024 – ... $67.00
NEO HOOD 3/2 NEOPRENHAUBE Thermal insulation with thermal lining From ION's perspective, even the smallest items deserve the same attention and dedication as the largest and most complex products in the range. Neoprene accessories are a small but essential part of our equipment and can be the difference between a great day on the water or complete frustration. The Neo Hood 3/2 has a 3mm thick hood and the body area is protected by 2mm thick neoprene.
ION Shin Protector 2024 – Schie... $45.00
SHIN GUARDS Curv material, protects against sharp foil edges Be prepared for sharp hydrofoil edges. In the event of a crash, the robust Curv material protects you against cuts and impacts.
-30% sale
ION B2 2023 – Men’s Trapeze $272.00 $388.00
B2 KITE SITZTRAPEZ HERE Boardshort construction The B2 combines boardshort style and function in a kite seat harness. The ergonomic leg loops, inspired by climbing harness technology, are designed to allow freedom of movement without pressure points. ION's slim Specter Bar (including kite hook) and C30 buckles complete the super lightweight harness. The removable Downforce_Loop helps to distribute the forces optimally and prevents the B2 from slipping up. The C-Bar 2.0 of the B2s is compatible with the Quicklock hook. Includes Kite_Knife Multitool 2.0. 


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