Airush AR24 AMP TEAM V6 REFLEX ... from €1.205,00
AR24 AMP TEAM V6 REFLEX CARBON ALL AROUND PERFORMANCE Version 6 157cm x 46.4cm x 5.1cm x 20.4L (5’2″)163cm x 47.6cm x 5.1cm x 21.6L (5’4″)168cm x 48.9cm x 5.1cm x 22.9L (5’6″) The AMP Team is our legendary all-round surf shape in a high-quality Reflex Carbon construction. It combines a flat rocker for high speed and control with a higher curve outline for optimal propulsion and maneuverability. The fuller nose supports low wind performance, while the single to double concave effortlessly absorbs chops. The Reflex Carbon construction offers the best combination of low weight and maximum durability. The AMP sets the standard for smaller waves and strapless riding performance. performance
Airush AR24 Apex Team V8 Board,... €1.019,00
AR24 Apex Team V8 Board THROW IT DOWN Version 8 SIZES: 133×39 / 136×40 / 139×41 / 142×42 The Apex Team was developed as a versatile twin tip for performance freeride and big air. The double concave with a solid center spine supports soft landings and better edge grip when cruising on flat water. Premium Carbon Basalt construction increases performance for extra pop on big jumps. performance
Airush AR24 Apex V8 Board, Hand... €679,00
AR24 Apex V8 board THROW IT DOWN Version 8 SIZES: 133×39 / 136×40 / 139×41 / 142×42 The Apex was designed to be a versatile kiteboard for advanced riders who ride with either boots or bindings and do both freeride and big air. The double concave with a solid center spine ensures soft landings and better edge grip when cruising on flat water. A double basalt fiber laminate for increased responsiveness and bombproof grip. performance
Airush AR24 Cypher V4 REFLEX GL... from €1.165,00
AR24 Cypher V4 REFLEX GLASS PERFORMANCE STRAPLESS Version 4 4’10” (147cm) 18” (45.7cm) 1” (2.54cm) 11.4L5’0″ (152cm) 18.5″ (47cm) 1″ (2.54cm) 12.6L5’2″ (157cm) 19″ (48cm) 1″ (2.54cm) 12.8L The Cypher Reflex Glass is optimized for stability at speed with its flatter rocker, compact outline and parallel rails. This makes it ideal for dedicated strapless freestyle, new school strapped riding or ripping small waves.The single to double concave preserves surfability and softens the ride in choppy water. The progressive flex PET sandwich increases the durability and lifespan of your board while maintaining flex.Boost, pop or shred that Cypher delivers. performance
Airush AR24 Foil Skate V3 Compl... from €609,00
AR24 Foil Skate V3 Complete Ultimate Freeride Version 2 SIZE: 142cm×47cm / 152cm×47cm If you're looking for a minimalist crossover solution, the Foil Skate offers twin-tip construction in a foilboard shape. The stiff wooden core ensures an incredibly stable ride and is extremely durable. The Foil Skate features low-drag foil inserts and optional fin connections, giving you the ability to ride directional in traditional skate style when your foil is unconnected. Performance
Airush AR24 Livewire AIRBoard, ... €899,00
AR24 Livewire AIR board BIG AIR MACHINE Version 8 SIZES: 127×38 / 132×39 / 137×40 / 141×41 The Livewire Air combines aspects of our legendary Livewire series with the requirements of our Big Air team. It features a high-speed rocker with a channel bottom for improved grip and control during high speed takeoffs and landings. The Livewire Air is our high performance big air board. The combination of weight, rocker and flex is designed for explosive pops, maximum control and easy landings. Using a double-weave basalt top and bottom, this board is as indestructible as can be. performance
Airush AR24 Livewire Team V8 Bo... €1.029,00
AR24 Livewire Team V8Board 100% FREESTYLE Version 8 SIZES: 138×41 / 140×42 / 142×43 / 147×43 The Livewire Team was developed for the high-performance freestyle rider who values ​​the perfect balance of weight, rocker, flex and response. The optimized 3D deck, deep channel and concave combo bottom (coupled with the highest rocker in our range) make this board a competition machine, ideal for boots. Carbon Triax technology, combined with 12K Spread Tow Carbon, adds another dimension to laminate strength. performance
Airush AR24 Livewire V8 Board, ... €699,00
AR24 Livewire V8Board 100% FREESTYLE Version 8 SIZES: 138×41 / 140×42 / 142×43 / 147×43 The Livewire is a refreshing take on a freestyle, park and wakestyle board that offers plenty of performance without compromising on ride comfort. Whether with boots or straps, the Livewire is responsive, has an incredibly good grip and the pop will catapult you into your next move. The sintered HD Grindrite base, deep channel and concave combo bottom combined with a high rocker make the Livewire the most aggressive and durable freestyle and wakestyle board in our range. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their park riding. performance
Airush AR24 OS-1 TEAM REFLEX CA... from €1.309,00
AR24 OS-1 TEAM REFLEX CARBON ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE Version 1 5´10” (178cm) x 18” (45.7cm) x 2.05” (5.2cm) x 21.8L5´10” (178cm) x 18”5 (47cm) x 2.05” (5.2cm) x 22.4L The OS-1 is our lower tier performance oriented board. The high rocker allows you to launch yourself into the steepest waves, while the narrow nose and tail allow full turning ability and top-to-bottom riding. The Reflex Carbon construction offers the best combination of flex and maximum durability. Performance
Airush AR24 Switch Team V11 Boa... €649,00
AR24 Switch Team V11 Board Ultimate freeride Version 11 SIZES: 132×39 / 135×40 / 138×41 / 141×42 The Switch Team is an extremely responsive performance freeride board that excels at loading, popping, landing and cruising. Even in choppy conditions, this board is really fun and easy to put on the rails. The Switch Team is a playful carving board that offers just the right amount of grip thanks to the thinner rails, coordinated flex and outline. The unidirectional Basalt I-Beam structure provides improved stiffness between the feet and faster reflexes for improved freestyle performance. performance
Airush AR24 Switch V11 Complete... €599,00
AR24 Switch V11 Complete Ultimate Freeride Version 11 SIZES: 132×39 / 135×40 / 138×41 / 141×42 / 144×43 / 148×44 / 152×45 The longest-running board model in kitesurfing history – the Switch is the ultimate, sophisticated freeride machine. With today's kiter in mind, the progressive single concave offers excellent comfort for a smooth and lively riding experience. Thin rails ensure clean water release and offer sensationally low air resistance and easy upwind tracking. Performance
Airush AR24 TEAM FOIL BOARD V4 ... from €1.225,00
AR24 TEAM FOIL BOARD V4 LIGHT YEARS AHEAD Version 4 98cm (38.5”) x 42cm (16.5”) x 3.7cm (1.45”) x 10.6L108cm (42”) x 45cm (17.7”) x 3.7cm (1.45”) x 12.6L120cm (47.2”) x 47cm (18.5”) x 3.7cm (1.45”) x 14.6L If you're looking for a compact carbon solution, the Team Foil Board is an extremely fun and skateable board for advanced freeriders who ride with or without straps. A compact foilboard for riding with or without straps with an ultralight and durable construction and a concave deck with slanted rails and a convex nose. This board is ideal for carving and performance freeride. Performance

Depending on your weight and the conditions on the water, you will need a different board. Having multiple boards in different sizes or shapes will allow you to spend more time on the water in different wind speeds.

If you would like to expand your kitesurfing set and have any questions when selecting your kiteboards, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail.


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