Cabrinha 24 Moto_X Apex only – ... from €1.799,00
MOTO X APEX PERFORMANCE FREERIDE/CROSSOVER SIZES:7 / 9 / 10 / 12 Apex Series: Cabrinha’s highest and most successful design in terms of performance and durability. As the top product in this class, the Moto X Apex exceeds all expectations and sets new standards in its industry.  The Moto X is a kite that can be flown anywhere and by anyone. A kite that allows you to choose how you want to kite. A kite that will take you to the next level of riding. What else can be optimized on this extraordinary kite? Exactly, you treat him to the Apex treatment. With a lighter feel and even more playful handling, the Moto X Apex is a testament to all the superior properties of the premium materials. The use of Ultra HT material in the frame construction promotes stability and makes the kite easier to control. When you combine these features with the new Apex Aero Bridle Line and the new ultralight bladders, the MotoX Apex becomes the lightest 3-strut kite in the Cabrinha collection to date. The Moto
Cabrinha 24 Moto_XL Apex only –... from €2.099,00
MOTO XL APEX PERFORMANCE LIGHT WIND / CROSSOVER SIZES:13 / 15 / 17 Limits have always been the biggest challenge for every kite designer. Either you build a powerful kite and sacrifice maneuverability and playfulness, or you make a light kite but lose the low-end power that is supposed to get you up and going. Based on the very successful Moto X platform and a new material mix used in the Apex series, kite designer Pat Goodman has managed to create the perfect mix of power and fun.  The lightweight Ultra HT material and new, lighter bladders reduce weight and promote the fun, lively feel of the kite. The MotoXL Apex is the kite you need in your light wind quiver. It's the ultimate session saver and will have you rising out of the water with a joy that tells everyone how much fun you just had.
Flysurfer INDIE – Kite from €899,00
INDIE Freeride, Progression, Wave GRÖSSEN: 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17 Fühl dich mit dem INDIE in verschiedenen Windbedingungen wie zu Hause und lass dich auf das Unerwartete ein. Vertrau ihm wie einem geduldigen Lehrer, der Neueinsteiger dazu ermutigt, die Kunst des Kitesurfens zu meistern. Das entspannte Gefühl beim Riden gibt dir das Vertrauen, dein wahres Potential zu entdecken und motiviert dich Zeit am Wasser zu verbringen. Sei unabhängig, wild und abenteuerlustig, mach deine Kiteerfahrungen unvergesslich. EMPFOHLENE BARGRÖSSE Kite size 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 Control Bar size S M M M M M L Line length 17 m 20 m 20 m 23 m 23 m 23 m 23 m WIND RANGE     Die Tabelle dient nur als grobe Richtlinie. Die Angaben beziehen sich auf einem Fahrer mit einem Gewicht von 75kg. Die richtige Kite-Größe hängt vom eigenen Körpergewicht, Wasser/Land Bedingungen und der Boardgröße sowie Typ (kleines Twintip oder Hydrofoil) extrem ab. Lass dich bei der Wahl der Kitegröße von der eigenen Erfahrung und dem gesunden Verstand leiten. Sollten Zweifel bezüglich der richtigen Kitewahl bestehen, lieber eine Größe kleiner wählen.   TECHNISCHE DATEN INDIE Weight (kg) Aspect Ratio Color 5 1.5 3.2 provence / lit / petrol 7 2.1 3.4 provence / lit / petrol 9 2.4 3.6 provence / lit / petrol 11 2.7 3.8 provence / lit / petrol 13 3.1 4 provence / lit / petrol 15 3.3 4.2 provence / lit / petrol 17 3.6 4.4 provence / lit / petrol
AR24 Ultra V5 Kite only from €859,00
AR24 Ultra V5Kite only201417When it comes to finding the ultimate combination in lightweight performance design for foil, freeride, and surf, look no further than the Ultra. The unique blend of stability, low end power, and responsive drive allows the kite to fly further forward in the window. Pairing the lightweight Single Strut Geometry with a higher tension canopy makes a very responsive and efficient kite.Ultimate lightweight design for foil, freeride & surf. Unique combination of stability & responsive drive. High-performance, lightweight single strut geometry.Easy relaunch.
AR24 Ultra Team V5 Kite only from €1.519,00
AR24 Ultra Team V5Kite only20177The Ultra Team features the new Airush Team Series construction. Ho'okipa is a material technology that allows the kite to find an optimal balance between responsiveness, lightweight, and long team performance. Ho'okipa is made of Ultra PE fiber that makes the leading edge 10x stronger and stiffer than traditional fabrics. The combination of our proven Single Strut Geometry, with the new narrow diameter high pressure leading edge and high-tension canopy is key; this is what allows the Ultra Team to fly forward in the window, creating the perfect balance for light wind performance.Team engineered lightweight design for foil, freeride & surf.Reduced diameter leading edge for maximum efficiency.Ho'okipa Ultra PE high pressure leading edge & load frame.Reduced weight.Reduced weight.
AR24 Lithium Team V13 Kite only from €1.629,00
AR24 Lithium Team V13Kite only201714A team developed kite that offers more minimalist and lighter performance designs for performance freeride. The Lithium Team is a more responsive, faster and lighter version of the Lithium due to the innovative Team Series construction. Featuring a thinner, high-pressure leading edge to reduce drag and allow a higher angle of attack when riding upwind. The unique combination of efficiency, stability and responsiveness creates an extremely versatile product.Team-developed lightweight design for foil, freeride and surfing.Reduced leading edge diameter for maximum efficiency.Ho'okipa Ultra PE high pressure leading edge and load frame.
Airush AR24 Razor V10 Kite only... from €1.319,00
AR24 Razor V10 Kite 100% FREESTYLE Version 10 SIZES: 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 11m / 13m / 15m The Razor offers unrivaled unhooked performance and precision that goes far beyond the expectations of a purist freestyle C kite. With dedicated freestyle and wakestyle bridle settings, the Razor is a new generation of 5-line freestyle and big air mix that combines unmatched unhooked performance with more boost. performance
Airush AR24 Lithium V13 Kite on... from €959,00
AR24 Lithium V13 Kite ULTIMATE FREERIDE Version 13 SIZES: 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 12m / 14m / 17m For riders looking for a kite that offers endless fun on the water, the Lithium is the ultimate all-round freeride performance kite. The powerful three-strut delta hybrid design provides a huge wind range and, combined with the wingtip shape and strut layout, ensures the fastest response through the window and an instant relaunch. performance
Airush AR24 Lift V3 Kite only –... from €1.249,00
AR24 Lift V3 kite NEW LIFT NEW RULES Version 3 SIZES: 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 12m / 14m The lift is all about boosting, hang time and freeride performance in new dimensions. The easy handling, coupled with incredible top end performance, makes the lift the ultimate big air machine. performance
Cabrinha 24 Drifter only – Kite from €1.499,00
DRIFTER SURF / FREESTYLE SURF SIZES:5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 Often imitated but never equaled. The Drifter remains “The Kite” for everything that has to do with waves and directional boards. As the name suggests, the Drifter is synonymous with drift and stability. When you put it in position and ride the wave down the line, the kite gives you 100% confidence. You can fully concentrate on the wave in front of you instead of losing your focus on the kite controls.  But the Drifter offers much more than that. It is the first series kite to achieve the triple loop and is therefore definitely at home in higher air layers. This Lite Series kite is the most responsive drifter kite ever. It allows you to place the kite where you want it. Whether you're flying strapless big airs, surfing a fearsome point break down the line or riding the wind swell.  The Drifter will always deliver what you ask of him.
Cabrinha 24 Nitro Apex only – Kite from €1.779,00
NITRO APEX PERFORMANCE BIG AIR SIZES:6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 Last year we brought the Nitro to the kite market as a big air evolution and it exceeded all expectations. There are a whole range of new features for 04.  Thanks to the Cabrinha International Big Air Team and the crew from CAB Design Works, we were able to take another evolutionary leap forward. In terms of height and stability, the Big Air Kite achieves a new and unprecedented range of performance. What's new is a refined profile that ensures tension even during extreme tricks. There is also the new apex bridle with a low diameter and minimal stretch, which is now attached to the kite via 7 points. This gives you optimal support and direct feedback, which every big air fan really wants when doing tricks at breathtaking heights. Big Air is now more spectacular and extreme than ever before. With the new Nitro you can not only reach your next level, but also set new height records.
Cabrinha 23 FX – Kite from €1.399,00
FX2 FREESTYLE / CROSSOVER SIZES: 7 / 8 / 9 / 11 / 13Air and Style are two terms used interchangeably in the boardsports industry. Most people develop their skills to achieve one or both of these terms, but to truly master both, you need a product that allows you to achieve this goal.The FX2 is a true crossover kite that gives riders the ability to take to the skies in big air with fast, powerful loops and amazing catching abilities. With a change of bridle they then have an uncompromising freestyle machine that allows them to push their limits and the limits of what they thought was possible.The new hybrid frame and HRD Lite materials have further increased the range of the FX2 to allow greater low-end range, as well as maneuverability in higher winds and double loops.

Find your perfect kite for unforgettable kitesurfing experiences

Let yourself be carried away by the wind and the waves and experience kitesurfing at the highest level. Eagle Kite is your kite shop that offers you the right kites for your individual needs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, with us you will find a selection of high-quality kites that guarantee you maximum fun and safety.

What types of kites are there?

If you want to learn to kitesurf, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the kite and its components. A kite has several features that you will find on almost every kite. There are basically two types of kites: tube kites and soft kites (mats). As a beginner, you should focus on tube kites as they are easier to handle. Soft kites are suitable for advanced kitesurfers.

Kites are available in different versions that differ in design and intended use. At you will find a large selection of kite umbrellas that will take your kitesurfing experience to the next level. There are a total of five types of kites:

  • Freeride kites: These kites offer a balanced mix of performance and user-friendliness. They are perfect for beginners and intermediates who want to try out different styles.
  • Wave kites: If you are fascinated by the waves, wave kites are the right choice. They are agile and responsive to adapt perfectly to surfing.
  • Freestyle Kites: For those who love tricks and jumps, freestyle kites are the ideal choice. They offer optimal control and power for spectacular moves in the air.
  • Foiling kites: If you want to discover the fascination of foiling, foiling kites offer the necessary stability and lightness for this exciting experience.
  • Big Air Kites: These kites were specifically developed to enable high and long jumps. Big air kites have differences in steering speed, feedback and buoyancy depending on their shape, line length and other factors.

Depending on your weight and the wind strength, you will need a different kite. Having multiple kites of different sizes allows you to spend more time on the water in different wind speeds.

If you would like to expand your kitesurfing set and have any questions when selecting your kites, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail.


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