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Cabrinha Spark – Kite

Cabrinha Spark – Kite

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SIZE: 2m²

The Spark is perfect for learning the basics of wing control and kite handling - but also for having fun on land between sessions on the water.

The Spark's simple, no-frills design makes it the ideal entry-level kite for anyone new to kiting. As a soft kite, it does not have to be inflated and is therefore ready for use in a very short time. Its 2-line concept makes it stable and directly controllable. The compact and easy-to-handle kite package contains everything you need for practicing.


2-line soft kite


  • Soft kite - no inflation necessary
  • Ultra-Tough - Extremely durable nylon cloth
  • Simplified 2 line bridle
  • Reinforced chamber structure
  • Air chambers reinforced with mesh for better profile stability and durability
  • Stable, forgiving flight characteristics
  • Color coded wingtips
  • Alloy bar with preformed ends
  • Line winder and color coded EVA grip coating
  • Optimized drag-reduced control line for better light wind performance
  • New Dyneema leaders for more safety and comfort
  • Safety leash for the wrist
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