JP Australia SuperLight PACKAGE 10.6 Alu 2024 – SUP Package

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JP Australia SuperLight PACKAGE 10.6 Alu 2024 – SUP Package

$420.00 $420.00 0% OFF

SuperLight PACKAGE 10.6 Alu

SUP package: 1x Allround Air SL 10.6 & 1x aluminum nylon paddle 3pc - size 88


SIZE: 10'6"

These boards cover the needs of most paddlers - from absolute beginners to those first trying out waves or a yoga session on the water. The Allround Inflatable was developed to show the many possibilities of a stan-up paddling board.

The narrower nose reduces water resistance, every stroke of the paddle is quickly and directly converted into propulsion. The parallel outline ensures good directional stability - the necessary hand changes on the paddle are significantly reduced. At the same time, the wider tail significantly improves the board's tipping stability.

The board is available in four different technologies: Superior Edition with Triple Layer and the JP 3D Stringer for maximum stiffness; Light Edition 3DS, made with Double Layer and also the JP 3D Stinger; Light Edition and Superlight Edition, the cheapest design.

The Tail Rail Edge increases the performance of the boards by improving water separation. This technology is available for the SE 3DS and LE 3DS models.


Aluminum nylon

SIZE: 88

Slightly convex shaped traction surface for easy and predictable movement through the water. The fiberglass-reinforced NYLON blade features a wide center stringer for direct energy transfer with every hit.

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